Ideas for “No”thing gifts. Gift ideas that make a difference – not clutter.

  • Offer to babysit; watch someone’s kids for a day, evening or weekend.
  • Cook and deliver a meal(s).
  • Send a special consumable gift i.e.: Lobster-Gram, Corky’s BBQ, fruit, etc.
  • Monthly delivery – wine of the month, pie of the month, etc.
  • Online subscription – i.e.:, XM Radio, etc.
  • Plan and treat for a movie, lunch or dinner date.
  • Give gift card for massage, make-over, etc.
  • Offer your talent or ability to organize, paint, decorate, build, etc.
  • Class or lessons for music, cooking, painting, learning a foreign language, golf, scuba diving, website-building, etc.
  • Workshop or seminar ticket to a favorite speaker/presentation
  • Membership to gym, club, museum, zoo, etc.
  • Cool experiences like skydiving, ride-a-longs, race car driving, etc.
  • Tickets to concert, play, sports event, amusement park, etc.
  • Plane ticket or gift frequent flyer miles
  • Gift certificate for a Bed & Breakfast or special restaurant
  • Limo ride to special event
  • Make a book of coupons that include personalized, special activities that can be redeemed
  • Make a donation or sponsor a cause that is important to someone else
  • Make a contribution to a college saving or health saving account
  • Plan a weekend getaway
  • Make a mixed CD of special songs from special memories and or sing a song too!

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